weekend update

so its been a pretty busy week/end for culturebot:

Wednesday with the opening of Sara Juli’s The Money Conversation (now-closed) at P.S. 122.

Thursday we saw, um, we don’t remember. Were you there? Remind us. We were tired from Wednesday night.

Friday we saw Kristen Kosmas’ new work at Dixon Place. THE MAYOR OF BALTIMORE b/w ANTHEM. We are biased, since we have known Ms. Kosmas and her work for many years, but we encourage you to go see this new experiment from the most under-recognized playwright in brooklyn. it is playing for one more weekend. (show information after the jump).

Saturday we went to Stillpoint Productions Death Might Be Your Santa Claus at LMCC‘s 15 Nassau venue. It was the first performance we had seen in the space and they made great use of this old, abandoned bank. It was a work-in-progress showing of the piece and we look forward to seeing the fully-realized version. After that we went to a performance salon-cocktail party on Greene Street presented by Renaissant Arts, a new collaborative arts project/network. It put us in mind of the now-defunct Greene Street Salon which, when we attended, was no longer on Greene Street. (read Rachel Shukert’s write-up of the Greene Street Salon in the Culturebot archives). The quality of the work tends to be wildly inconsistent, but we love the salon format, especially when it’s in a nice loft. And when we occasionally find ourselves surrounded by free booze & food that’s even better.

At this point we were exhausted and headed back out into the biting cold to hasten home and prepare for President’s Day. Wishing you all the patriotic best. We’ll be back with more soon.

two completely impractical plays with songs & a window
written by Kristen Kosmas
directed by Kip Fagan

Margaret’s been elected to an unnamed, low-level, non-partisan position in
East Baltimore’s city government and she’s having thirteen of her closest
friends over to celebrate.  John’s in love, Shelly’s enraged, Tyrone’s
drunk, Charles is overly optimistic, Annelie’s moving away again, and
Pearl’s at the wrong party.  With friends like this, who needs strangers?  

featuring:  Mary Archias, Jane Beachy, Dylan Gauthier, Forrest Gillespie, Lula Graves, Haley Hughes,
Jesse Karch, Denver Latimer, Liz Latimer, Charlie McCulloch, Tyler Nolan, Dana Olson, Heidi Schreck,
Jenny Schwartz Stone, and Elizabeth Taylor


258 Bowery, 2nd Fl (btw Houston & Prince)

Friday & Saturday, Feb. 24th & 25th
8 PM
tickets $10 – $15

reservations encouraged
212-219-0736 ext 110

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