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jbird and rebecca brooks (otherwise known as AUNTS) have been throwing dance/performance parties for awhile. This March they’re doing a series of “SNL & Conan O’Brien & Pina Bausch-inspired Dance Parties”

Fridays in March
the 3, the 10, the 17

Panetta Movement Center
214 W. 29th btw 7th and 8th
no shoes inside so consider yr outfit

non-negotiable admission: contribution to the FREE BOUTIQUE/FREE BAR.
suggestions: mix cds, shoes, plates, dvds, clothes, trophies, your painting, books, absinthe, seltzer, whiskey, soda pop, coffee, wine, moonshine

more show info after the jump…

▼March 3▼
host: Reba
guests: Maryanne Chaney & age of
dance captain: Alex Escalante
band: More Teeth
reading: Sara
dj: Ingie Pop
conversationalists: K.J. Holmes & Eli Robinson
topic: a conversation

▼March 10▼
host: Sara Marcus
guests: Erika Hand and Noah
Hilsenrad & a representative of K. J. Holmes
dance captain: Katy Pyle
Black Sounds
dj: Ingie Pop
conversationalists: Inge Colson, Bianca Grimshaw,
Sara Marcus & Black Sounds
topic: new music trends / do you want to make the
world a better place
/ when is the world going to end

▼March 17▼
host: Reba
or someone else
guests: Shear Con Co & Dillon de Give
dance captain: Faye
band: TBA
dj: Bianca
conversationalist: Mary Lou D’Auray, former
CIA member
topic: JFK & Bay of Pigs

LATE SHOW resident dance team: Andrew,
Beth, Carla, Chris,Errin,
Debbie, Isabel, Jessie, Jon, Kennis, Lise, Nancy,
Tara, Renée

free boutique keeper: Michael Helland
sidekicks: Laurie Berg &
Mim Levin
official photographer: Beth Flatley
official videographers: Margit
Galanter & Charlotte Gibbons

▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ LATE SHOW ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
is produced
by AUNTS Rebecca Brooks and Jbird…who are proud to
announce that they will
be married to each other this summer in las
vegas by elvis. registry
information to follow in separate email.

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