Collective Tech Supervisor

Collective: Unconscious is looking for a smart and quick technical supervisor. This is a freelance position working primarily with the theater’s subsidized rental program. The job description is at and below


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General requirements:

Collective: Unconscious is seeking to hire a freelance technical supervisor who will support and facilitate our subsidized rental productions. The technical supervisor will have knowledge of basic lighting, sound and video systems and be able to communicate effectively with the technical personnel on the artists’ side. S/he will be the liaison between C:U and the production company on all technical matters. S/he will familiarize the production TD with our systems and will alert C:U of any additional needs the production may have.

Time requirements:

The technical supervisor will be available for the load-in and tech for each show (1 day/8 hours) and for the strike of the show(4-8 hours), including restoring the lighting plot either to the repertory plot or configuring it for the next production . In addition the technical supervisor will be on call for the show in case of emergencies or technical malfunction. S/he will be able to troubleshoot and resolve all the technical issues for each production.

understand the light board

able to adjust/focus lights and add gels as needed
able to trouble shoot line errors
able to add lighting as needed and patch to board
understand basics of good lighting for stage and events


know the tech booth and all the equipment and how it relates and is patched together
know how to use a sound board
know how to plug in mics
understand what’s plugged where on the snake
know what a direct box is when outside sound equipment needs one
able to repair speakers/fuses and other equipment as needed
understand how outside equipment can be patched into sound system
know what to do if someone wants to patch a computer into the system
know how to run + patch or repatch if needed:


tape player

Video – Projection Systems

Knowledge of projector
how to switch projector modes between types of inputs i.e. VCR or DVD or computer input
change the projector bulb if it burns out
know how to patch sound for outside video sources into sound system


understanding of how theater systems operate and are integrated
ability to think on your feet and troubleshoot
extremely organized
know where we keep the tools and able to put them back
help with other theater related stuff if needed
able to be available via e and phone for any questions almost anytime
be able to source equipment when needed
will act as consultant/advisor to C:U on technical needs and improvements
will create systems for relaying basic technical Information to C:U members
know where the hardware store is!!
Fee: $300/production(generally 12 hours but it may go up to 16 hours, plus on-call duties), additional hours will be paid at $15/hour.

Collective: Unconscious is one of the last remaining alternative art spaces in Lower Manhattan. Collective: Unconscious is an inclusive, creative community run by a volunteer group of artist/administrators. Its mission is to serve as an incubator for the New York City artistic community by providing an affordable venue for rehearsals and performances, promoting these artists’ work, and serving as a technical and administrative resource center.

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