David Linton’s New York 5.0

David Linton’s New York 5.0,
A 50-year celebration and benefit @ Tonic
(107 Norfolk St. between Rivington & Delancey, NYC)
Monday, March 20, 2005 8 pm till late

In celebration of the fiftieth birthday of David Linton, downtown music pioneer, Tonic has donated its space for an entire evening of performances by musicians and artists who have worked with Linton over the past twenty-five years.

Unfortunately, David’s birthday has been darkened by a most distressing event: He was recently robbed in his home at knifepoint, emerging fortunately unscathed, but losing all of his equipment, which sadly contained much of his recent work. In order to recoup the loss of what can be replaced, and salute his talents and contributions to music in New York, his friends and collaborators through the years are joining together for a night of multimedia performances on March 20th. We hope you can join us, to both celebrate his work and help make it possible for him to continue it.

Full info link at: http://www.unitygain.org/benefit

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part I : ‘PARTNERS IN TIME’ featuring live performances by:

Diamanda Galas, Christian Marclay/Ikue Mori/Anthony Coleman, Lee Ranaldo, Eric Bogosian, Matthew Ostrowski, Shelley Hirsch/David Weinstein, Kate Valk (of The Wooster Group), Koosil-ja, Charles Atlas, Hahn Rowe with Raz Mesinai, and the Alien Comic.
With Master of Ceremonies John Gernand and closing remarks by “Sally Rand”(Toni Dove).

part II : The legendary electronic soiree ‘UnityGain’ follows immediately in the Tonic main space @ 11:15 pm featuring live collaborative audio visual performances by:

Audio artists – Charles Cohen, Antfactor, qpe, Lloop, Warbulator (Jodi Shapiro), Doily, Bubblyfish, Glomag, David Last, Brian Moran, Gen Ken Montgomery, Zach Layton and Bruce Tovsky.
Visual artists – Benton-C, Angie Eng, Bill Etra, c.h.i.a.k.i., feedBUCK GaLORE, Naval Cassidy, Andy Graydon, Giles Hendrix, Adam Kendall, Katherine Liberovskaya, Lu(x)z, Peter Shapiro, Caspar Stracke, CHiKA.

part III : From 9 pm on ‘Nought for Naught’ in the Subtonic Lounge offers a packed roster of DJ, VJ, & live Audio-Visual performers into the wee hours, featuring:

Aerostatic, Darryl Hell, Danny Hamilton, DJ $mall Change, DJ Spinoza, Firehorse, Jason BK (Blackkat), Toshio Kajiwara, Lance Blisters (AV), LoVid (AV), Socks and Sandals; Chris Jordan, Eric Dunlap, Eric Redlinger, Dan Vatsky, Dan Winckler, Jeremy Slater.


Tickets are $30.00 for the full evening including: ‘PARTNERS IN TIME’, ‘UNITYGAIN’ and ‘NOUGHT for NAUGHT’.
$10.00 for ‘UNITYGAIN’ and ‘NOUGHT for NAUGHT’ only.

Advance tickets recommended; available now at Tonic (107 Norfolk Street) and Other Music (15 East 4th Street). Cash only tickets will be sold at the door on March 20, 2006 subject to availability.

For information updates check http://www.unitygain.org/benefit.

Monday March 6th – Monday March 27th, 2006

In consideration of David Linton’s commitment to multimedia and video art, the Outpost http://outpostedit.com/, a resource for artists in new media and video, is sponsoring an art auction as part of the benefit activities for David Linton’s NY 5.0. Works will be auctioned online at http://www.unitygain.org/auction, and all money raised will be contributed to the David Linton Recovery Fund.

Participating artists include Laura Parnes, Michael Smith, Ralph Lemon, Javier Tellez, John Brattin, Robert Boyd, Oliver Herring, Barbara Ess, Johanna Malinowska, Andrew Sutherland and Caspar Stracke.

Private DONATIONS will be accepted at Tonic on March 20th by Stephanie Palmer or by mail to:
Stéphanie Palmer, 106 Norfolk St. #2, New York, NY 10002-3320.
Please make checks payable to ‘David Linton’.
Questions regarding donations may be addressed to lintonbenefit@gmail.com.

David Linton’s New York 5.0 organizing team:
Chika Iijima, Matthew Ostrowski, Stéphanie Palmer, Amanda Remus, Isabelle Sigal, Keiko Uenishi
Stage Manager (Partners in Time): John Gernand
House Manager: Keiko Uenishi
Audio Tech: Matthew Ostrowski and Daniel Smith
Video Coordinators: Chika Iijima and Chris Jordan
Video Documentation: Elsa Vieira, Peter Shapiro, Chris Burke
Art Auction: Ruth Kahn

DLNY-5.0 Benefit ‘Friends’ Committee:
Glen Branca, Rhys Chatham, Jim Dier, Francis Falceto, Craig Flanagan, Andrea Haenggi/AMDaT, Zack Layton, Denise Luccioni, Carlo McCornick, Marc Ribot, Jim Staley, The Outpost, Anaïs Prosaic, Mark Russell, David Sparks, Bruce Tovski, NMW & JAW and Rich Zerbo.

For any further information, contact Matthew Ostrowski at lintonbenefit@gmail.com.


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