sinner and junta high

Two big shows opening this week at P.S. 122!

Wednesday is Sinner from London’s Stan Won’t Dance and Thursday is junta high from Clay McLeod Chapman’s Pumpkin Pie Show, featuring The Hungry March Band.

Sinner is a self-destructive “solo for two men” featuring sensational former DV8 performer Liam Steel and Ben Wright, who originated the role of The Prince in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. Designed to shatter the limits of physical and emotional endurance, the U.S. premiere of Sinner begins with the events surrounding ‘the Soho Bomber’, and pulls no punches as a nervous pub flirtation becomes a suffocating psychological thriller. Interwoven dance and text indict a society that desperately constructs icons of good and evil but lacks the ability to tell them apart. Directed by Rob Tannion and Liam Steel.

Opening Night Party at Via Delle Zoccolette for complimentary wine & bruschetta after the show.Just bring your ticket stub to the upstairs Lounge. 95 Avenue A, Corner of 6th Street.

In junta high, Clay McLeod Chapman crafts a Sweet Valley-styled high school for terrorists where cheerleaders double as suicide bombers and guidance counselors are taken hostage by the A/V club. Holy causes worth dying for galvanize school spirits, blood is shed on the football field every Friday night and the Hungry March Band fervently plays on.

Celebrating its tenth year, the Pumpkin Pie Show is a rigorous storytelling session amplified by its own live soundtrack. junta high features original music written and performed live by the Hungry March Band.

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