Art in Odd Places

Open Call for Artists of All Media

Art in Odd Places® (AiOP) invites artists, artist teams, and performers to submit project proposals for AiOP 2006 held during the 4th annual HOWL! Festival in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. Art in Odd Places® 2006 projects will continue to examine current public space potential, spaces that have recently been privatized, and the boundaries of public space. AiOP artists are encouraged to explore these spaces, and ask how the ‘public’ in public space can be reclaimed. Artists are also encouraged to be cognizant of how art is placed within a community that might find it invasive. Artists should uncover spaces that are possibilities for new public spaces and/or spaces that are out of the way/off the beaten track. Like a scavenger hunt, the audience with map in hand roams the Lower East Side to find each of the locations, or perhaps another discovers the art on the way home from grocery shopping.

Go to for complete artist’s prospectus.

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