this weekend at P.S. 122

Tonight at P.S. 122 is opening night of Chris Elam and Misnomer Dance Theater’s Throw People which was described in this week’s New Yorker:

“…the title of Chris Elam’s new two-part dance [Throw People], can be read partly as an imperative. People are thrown and twisted into human origami and tied into three-person pretzels with only two feet on the ground. Elam’s wonderfully strange and unpredictable choreography, however, makes his dancers seem less like people than anthropomorphized beasts. The first section, filled with mock-balletic gestures, suggests the preening animals of Fantasia. The second, for which Andy Teirstein’s score is performed live on eclectic instruments, is rougher; its pas de deux could be between a giraffe and an orangutan.”

Should be cool.

And Saturday evening in P.S. 122’s downstairs theater is the opening of 13P’s production of Gary Winter’s At Said. This is the fourth production by the Obie Award-Winning 13P collective, which is dedicated to producing the work of exciting new playwrights. At Said is haunting and darkly humorous and Winter, with designers Sue Rees, Meghan Healey, Jody Elff and Andrew Hill, has re-arranged the downstairs space to create an environment for the play that is evocative and abstract, yet grounded in reality. It is going to be really great, so come check it out.

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