more on cleansing the senses says, among other things:

Cleansing the Senses, an extraordinary theatrical happening all on its own, offers people who make, participate in, observe, and/or love theatre in 2006 a unique opportunity to (re)discover where much that we take for granted came from.”


“But the shape of the show and its implementation amount to a master class in the theatrical techniques that Rose and his contemporaries—disciples of Grotowski all—pioneered two and three decades ago: more theatre history, of a hands-on sort, not unlike the Wooster Group’s most recent show, Poor Theater.

And then there’s the hopeful subtext: a never-ending search for meaning and fulfillment, a journey through doors that are ever open but could someday close, an appreciation of the value of ritual and traditional forms for an ethos bent on inventing new ones.

A riveting, affirming, transforming experience, this: Rose has much to teach and share, and I am grateful to have had an opportunity to partake.”

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