The ViM Diaries ~ The Half-Time Cliff Notes to Ivan�s Demimonde

“I don’t know if you can pin it all on fatigue but I also think it would be ignorant not to say it played a part.” ~ Steve Nash

Once again, contrary to popular opinion, I am back-peddling so no child is left behind . . . Maybe all my writing has been just a bunch of inside jokes and obscure references but it’s not like I am unrepentant. I’ve danced the horrible sex fandango with civilians (i.e. girls in their twenties who have no interest in being artists) just barely living to tell the tale. “Stick to your own,” is what they would have you believe. Take the blue pill as it were . . .

Now I am trying to elucidate some really obscure shit. I am writing about theater stuff for which you would normally have to be a throbbing die-hard drama tool to understand. Maybe it’s not for you? Maybe you like your hermetic life with all its trappings??? If not you can always side step into this reality. Then, for another ten or twenty bucks, you can go see some really out performance at PS 122 . . . good or bad, you’ll have some hip fodder for IM water cooler convos or a break from ur nxt txt sex sesh.

OK . . . to recap . . . I’m on a Grant for Theater Directors that’s called a Program (the CDP) for reasons articulated in the following post . . .

A Sober Attempt

I did a stint in Chicago through the CDP, penance at an actor-based theater company for conceptual crimes I committed in the past . . .

Breaking the Windy City

Having done my time in the Mid-West, I began to gear up for some travel to Iran. Only problem is that the US government is not going to give me money to travel to what Rumsfeld just deemed “the leading terrorist nation in the world.” Soooooooo I have taken a slight detour to Manila, leading baby makers and text messengers in the world . . . also inhabited by my Father (the OG . . . the Pink Gringo . . . SPF 3000)

Here are the Vanilla in Manila Diaries up to now . . .


Okkkkkkkkkkkkk . . . feeling up to par?

This brings us to the Manila Hotel, which is where Dougie MacArthur used to hang before he laid waste to the Pearl of the Orient. The hotel gym is a trip . . . all the stretchy stuff is in the women’s only section and the men get the weights. They also have one of those fat jiggly things with the big white belt. I keep feeling like Olivia Newton-John is gonna bust through the wall like Kool-Aid with “Let’s Get Psychical.”

I am here attending a Conference. Sophia did a fine job of beating me up in the last post for all the misinformation I was trying slip by y’all. So if you want the real 411 I would hit her up in the comment section . . .

The ViM Diaries~Dream of Fair to Minging Women

(Mon petit chou, why don’t you write a post for Wikapedia. It is super easy and they don’t have an entry yet. It could be the new ITI for Dummies. Besides, the ITI official site is confusing and stooopd. C’mon . . . you know u wanna 😉

Sophia would also get her French panties in a wad b/c I rarely attended the General Assemblies. I have been much more into seeing the plays being performed as part of the Conference. There are over twenty countries presenting pieces making the range of styles pretty wild.

In spite of all the diversity, a big problem is that there is no real orientation or meet n’ greet session. So the only way to press the flesh is to cruise the bar. (Oh no! You mean I have to drink to be social? What are we back at St. David’s?) This is not a problem except that the drinks here are just as expensive as they are in New York. This is somewhat criminal seeing how in Manila proper you and your friends can drink all night for about ten bucks. (Shut up Garcés!)

Having many a flashback of Prague back when I was fresh out of college. I remember going to type heady stuff in the PR room at the center of the city. I hammered away on a manual typewriter and a big soviet style telephone. You could smoke, of course, and these white-coated guys would bring you whatever you could explain in gestures or broken Czech.

OK . . . I’m drifting. But I feel better. Don’t you? I think we’re ready to delve deeper into obscurity. Next up is the YPC and NPG. Don’t be scared. C’mon . . . you already know what NEA/TCG CDP means. The rest is cakey.

(Oh yeah, I’ve kinda fallen off in terms of the Bball thing. However, its pretty dope to see Dallas in the Finals. I’m sure it would have been Los Spurs if Ginobili and Nash were a pair . . . . Anyway, who cares! What’s happening with chicks in golf is way more interesting. Sucks that Wie didn’t qualify for the US Open. But there is always Morgan Pressel’s booty . . . she’s so sexy and, unlike Michelle, she’s legal!

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