The ViM Diaries ~ Bali or Bust

The Bounty (Jl Legian) is a ludicrous building shaped like a sailing ship, where wait staff are dressed like Captain Stubing and Gopher from the Love Boat. Awful live ‘music’ plays nightly at 9pm. The happy hour goes from 9pm until 11pm where the infamous ‘jam jar’ Drinks provide maximum alcohol for minimum rupiah, multiplied by quantum hangover. A ‘discotheque’ kicks on until 6am.

Description from ‘Kuta – Entertainment’ in the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Bali

It is hard to imagine dead bodies of Indonesian Christians in the streets of Kuta amidst all the surfers and plastic crap. Maybe that’s why the bombers chose this section of Bali to blow up some two years ago. The island, which owes a good deal of its survival on foreigner travel dollars, is still recovering from the successive hits. The US’s travel advisory doesn’t help either.

I’m not really with it. The ITI Conference in Manila did me in and I’m just coasting. Also my father and I can’t really figure out the money here. He took out a million rupiah and was totally freaked out. Turns out it’s only a hundred bucks. It says in all the guidebooks that to haggle over prices is very normal. So I thought I was oh so hip when I talked the kid selling coconuts down to 400 from 500. I thought it was the difference between 4 and 5 dollars. Turns out it was about 20 cents. Fun times here for dickhead.

We went up to a Hindu temple to see the sunset. The ViM was upset because he had to wear a skirt. Our guide told us that the monkeys around the temple will steal your glasses or your camera if your not careful. It was overcast. Then there was some crappy tourist show of Balinese dance at the Hotel where at. It kinda sucked but the music was really nice. Gotta figure something else out here.

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