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On Jun 9, 2006, at 9:58 AM, Van Z wrote:

Hi ib-
just shot a commercial with rob gordon who you went to high school with? he was not my favorite person by the way but thought I’d pass along that he says hi although he added that you probably dont want to hear from him! ( I was like, I wonder why?!)) He also said he knows two other girls who have a comedy show that you recently worked with blah blah…

i look forward to seeing and hagning with you at Liz’s wedding. Its been too long! 🙂

Hey Smelly~

Nice to hear from you . . . I have no idea what Rob’s damage is. He is just kind of a phreek I guess??? We were both drama fags in high school but I guess I was of the more deviant variety. He seems to have made a career out of being a power tewl . . . hey, everybody needs a schtick and it seems to work for him. But I think he misinterprets my lack of enthusiasm for his never-ending comedy show to which I get never-ending SPAM. Sorry homie, It’s just never going to be my scene . . .

Anyway, I’m writing you from Istanbul. If you could see where I am you would laugh. I am smoking a big hookah (a nargile not a woman of ill-repute) and drinking tea. I came here to write but I think I would rather play backgammon (tablar) with Mustafa, the owner. Yesterday I played against the chief of police and he got really pissed off when I doubled his ass. I am actually not a great player but Mustafa told me I should have let him win . . . maybe a good idea if I perpetrate some NoNo with the PoPo later on.

I wish I had a local hang like this in NYC. You remember Johnny O from the Hammermill dayz? I got to hang with him at a sushi bar in Tokyo he’s been going to for the last six years. I guess I am still searching for where ‘my local’ should be.

If n’ you wanna check out my recent adventures it’s all on culturebot.org (& now you are too . . . heh heh heh ; – )

Liz and Allen’s shindig should be a trip.

Looking forward!


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