Production Interns Wanted for Spiegel Tent in NYC


Spiegeltent @ Fulton Fish Market
August 3rd – 1st October 2006

Description of SPEIGEL TENT:

Since Marlene Dietrich first sang ‘Falling in Love Again’ on the Spiegel stage in the 1930‚s, these magic mirrors have reflected some of the world’s greatest performing artists and their enthralled public. The Spiegeltent is an opulent and spectacular venue of canvas, cut glass, teak, mirrors billowing velvet and brocade which is being brought to New York City by RV Entertainment.

Located at the iconic Fulton Fish Market site at South Street Pier and overlooked by the Brooklyn Bridge, this exceptional venue will generate massive interest as it has all around the world. For only nine weeks – between 3rd August and 1st October – it will be jam-packed with sultry, funky, cutting edge events swirling around our anchor show; the incomparable La Clique- ‘must sees’ of this season in NYC.

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We are looking for Production Interns:

We are looking for up to eight interns – the rotation would be so that no one works more than 8 hour days or 5 days a week (but you have to be
prepared to work Saturdays and Sundays!). The first four rotations will
commence on 1st August when the tent comes in.

You will be working with the production manager and crew on all elements of production for the Spiegeltent
– sound checking and light focus for the bands
– helping operate shows
– helping physically turn around the venue with the FOH and bar staff
between shows (yes this does mean moving around tables and chairs)
– ensuring the smooth operation of scene changes in La Clique.

We need a minimum commitment of 4 weeks from each intern. Though there is no remuneration, we can write a full assessment at the end of each internship and would be more than happy to comply with whatever is needed for any student to gain college credit for their work.

This is a really hands on internship, where you will literally learn
everything about technically running a peripatetic venue which have their own special needs, technical challenges and behaviors.

We want your enthusiasm and energy: spiegellers work incredibly hard, often outside their strict remit, but enjoy it and take pride in the resulting shows. While it is hard work, it is also really good fun and has always proven to be a great learning, hands-on experience for production interns.

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