superproducer Earl Dax has been working his ass off to put together DANCEPOD in conjunction with PS122, PICA/TBA (Portland, Oregon) and artist Marty Schnapf. Check it out, Earl sez:

This Saturday take a ride on the new wild side (aka the L train), and shake your money maker in 4 time zones at DANCEPOD. In conjunction with the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s T.B.A. Festival and P.S. 122, Portland-based artist Marty Schnapf has created four identical DANCEPODs that will be erected in New York, Berlin, Mexico City and Portland. At 2:00 AM New York time, all four cities will be joined by live video feed. High concept! High tech!

I’m very excited to have the event at 3rd Ward Brooklyn, “a YMCA For artists,” where you won’t be patted down (and felt up!) like a criminal when you walk through the door. If you’ve never been, 3rd Ward is a spectacular venue. On the first floor, you’ll catch a glimpse of their state-of-the-art facilities (sound recording studio, dance studio, digital media lab, etc…). Walk up two flights, and you’ll find DANCEPOD in their 10,000 square foot raw loft space!

DJs Kevin Graves and Bryan Raugton give you licks that will help you get to the center of it… Visuals from Harkness Audio/Visual Salon adorn the periphery… And performances by John Moran and Saori and the newly crowned Miss LEZ Glenn Marla give you something to chew on. Special appearance by Taylor Mac, his first since returning from his smashing success at this year’s Edinburgh Festival!

Drink at the bar, dance in the pod, hang out with friends and meet other creative people. Come early for Chez Bushwick’s AMBUSH. (Read this week’s Time Out article on the event here.) Come for AMBUSH, and you can stay for DANCEPOD for just $5 (so, basically, you get to see AMBUSH for FREE!).

Saturday, September 9th
11:00 PM to 5:00 AM
3rd Ward Brooklyn
195 Morgan (click here for map)
Admission $10 / $5 w/AMBUSH

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