Bringin’ Bushwick Back

from culturebot contributor Ryan Tracy:

Chez Bushwick is back, ironically, not at Chez Bushwick. AMBUSH—an ambulatory performance series designed to bring attention to alternative performance spaces in the greater Bushwick area—is Chez Bushwick’s latest effort to bring art and artists together in an increasingly dispersed community.

Some of the original characters behind the hugely successful Shtudio Show have moved on or out of the country, but AMBUSH promises to deliver nine months of avant-garde performance at off-the-map spaces in Bushwick. And true to the philosophy of the Shtudio, AMBUSH performances are not open to review-based criticism. Because of this, there is always this feeling of seeing something ritualistic, untouchable and genuinely communal.

The first AMBUSH event, “The Changing Of The Garde,” is coming up this Saturday, September 9 at the ten thousand square foot raw space at 3rd Ward. It will present work by Elke Rindfleisch, Wanjiru Kamuyu, Jim Staley, and Bruce Nauman. David Vaughan, Michael Cole and Jonah Bokaer (Chez Bushwick founder) will give readings honoring the anniversary of John Cage’s birthday. And Technopia (the fierce and fearless Samuel Topiary) will interview Carla Peterson, formerly of Movement Research and newly ordained artistic director at DTW.

Looks like you can also stay afterward for DANCEPOD, a brought-to-you-by-Earl-Dax dance party. At $5, it’s just that easy to get your Bushwick on.

Saturday, September 9
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

L train to Morgan Ave.Read Timeout preview here:

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