Art and Technology Weekend Workshop at LEMURplex

New Class In Electronics and Physical Computing, Oct. 21 and 22, 2006

By popular demand, we are adding a new weekend intensive class at LEMURplex ( on Basic Electronics and Physical Computing. The class will run on Saturday and Sunday, October 21st and 22nd, from noon to 6 pm each day. The cost for the class is $495 including lab fee. The lab fee includes a MidiTron (see plus electronics, sensors and other parts.


Physical Computing Intensive using MidiTron Intro to Electronics and Interfacing Sensors, Lights and Robotics

Have you ever wondered how to play music by moving your hands or trigger video clips with the blink of an eye? In one weekend, you will learn how to do this through tutorials in basic electronics, MAX/MSP/Jitter programming, sensor building, lights, robotics, and interactive design using the Miditron (a sensor and robotic interface device). You will learn these techniques hands-on by building mini-projects and ideas of your own design. This is of interest to Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Engineers, Programmers, Lighting, Sound and Graphic Designers, and others.

You will have the opportunity to design sensor-based projects using MidiTron. You will learn basic electronics, MIDI, and programming in order to implement your projects. You will learn how to incorporate basic circuits into your projects and art. Subjects covered will include electronic components, symbols and schematics, electricity flow, making connections, testing, and troubleshooting. Programming using MAX/MSP/Jitter will also be taught so that you can control sound and visuals through the computer. Through guided tutorials and critiques, we will explore technical and aesthetic issues regarding their projects. In addition, prior art will be discussed for inspiration and analysis. No previous knowledge of electronics, sensors, or programming is assumed.

Instructor: Jonathan Zalben (

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