Dancers Wanted for Reality TV Show

Hey Kids –

Here’s a way to fund that next art-y dance piece! get on tv!! they’re looking for girl dancers or gay male dancers with significant others who know nothing about dance….

IMG Media is producing a new competitive reality series hosted by comedian Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm). The show is called “Better Half” and is for the BravoTV network.

Do you ever wonder what your mate really does all day at work? This show may answer that question. Each one-hour episode will feature two couples – one partner from each has the same occupation (this episode will be a Dancer.) These professionals will have just two days to teach their partners how to do their jobs. But since the novice and expert are in a romantic relationship, you can bet that sparks will fly and tension will reach the boiling point.

The victorious couple, with the winner chosen by a panel of three ‘celebrity’ judges, will receive a significant cash prize. The non-winner is also compensated nicely for their time.

Bravo is hoping to cast either female dancers or gay male dancers who are in a romantic relationship with someone who basically knows nothing about dancing (and is not a performer–i.e. think plumber, policeman, etc)

Please send your contact information, along with a recent picture of the couple to

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