space wanted

um. hey. i’m looking for a space for a visiting artist to work in. Description below. do you have one? send info to andyATps122DOTorg.

–space needs description –

the studio just has to be big enough to be able to work with the projections – so a space of 25-30 square meters, if possible. (I’m not sure what that is in sq.feet) if this is difficult, then let me know what you can find, and I’ll figure out whether and how it’s possible to make it work. the only thing is that it shouldn’t be super low (at least 3-3.5 meters high), so we can project approximately in the right size. I’m planning to work there during the day, from 10am to 6 or if possible 7pm, mon-sat. the best would be to have the place from 22nd or 23rd of nov – 22nd or 23rd of dec. it would be great to have a table, two or three chairs. something to play music with, a cd box, or small speakers to hook up to the laptop. and a lamp. and it would be great to have internet access in the room.

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