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Okay. So. Your humble editor turned 30-something on October 26th. He was so busy with work and HELL HOUSE and all that he didn’t plan anything, not a party, not nothing. The night before there was no heat in his building and none of his friends answered their phones so he spent the night before his birthday freezing and alone, chain-smoking and cursing into the darkness. It was, quite possibly, his worst birthday ever. SO in the interest of silver linings and all that crap, he’s decided to extend his birthday as long as it friggin’ takes to have a good time. For those of you who knew about it and did nothing, now’s your chance. For those of you who didn’t know about it, hey, now’s your chance. I will be accepting gifts of food, booze, sex, drugs, cold hard cash and anything else until December 1st, 2006.

Why December 1st, 2006? Because that will be the website Culturebot’s 3RD ANNIVERSARY! That’s right, three years ago I started this site with nothing but a wing and a prayer and a tenacious sense of righteousness. I had approached every arts organization in the city, countless artists and administrators and writers and everyone looked at me like I was crazy! “What’s a blog?” they said. “Why would we want to do that?” they said.

Three short years later and EVERYBODY ELSE finally gets it. I’m glad to see the proliferation of artsblogging, I’m glad that individuals and institutions alike have climbed onboard. And we at CULTUREBOT are finally gathering steam to take this mofo to the next level. In the next few days I will be introducing you to a new editorial team and we will be embarking on major site upgrades, better content and hopefully more functionality to serve you, our arts community. IF you want to be a part of Culturebot 2.0 then let me know. If you have ideas for what should be happening here, let me know. If you think Culturebot is good, worthwhile and important – and I know you do because people are always telling me how much they like the site – then step up now and be a part of it.

Oh and if you want to donate cold hard cash to help out, DON’T USE THE PAYPAL BUTTON!!! Contact me at andyATps122DOTorg and I’ll tell you how.

You know how you always say that you love me? Well, Shooooooow me.

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