‘Operation Lysistrata’ Screening


“Operation Lysistrata,” a documentary of The Lysistrata Project by Michael Patrick Kelly, will have two screenings here in New York: Tuesday, December 5, (free pizza & beer!) and Wednesday, December 13, 7PM @ the Two Boots Pioneer Theater, 155 East 3rd Street (btwn. Ave. A and B)
Suggested donation: $10

The documentary celebrates the time in the lead-up to the Iraq War occupation, when the theatre community en masse took an active stand and spoke out. It’s exciting the event has been recorded for posterity. Many of you reading this blog probably took part in or attended a reading of Lysistrata. Whether you participated or not, you should definitely go out and see the film, and celebrate this exercise in both civics and the power of theatre and community. All right, I’ll retire my soapbox now.

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From the filmmakers:

Operation Lysistrata documents The Lysistrata Project, on March the 3rd 2003 over 1000 simultaneous productions of the classic ancient … all » Greek anti-war play Lysistrata were performed in fifty-nine countries around the globe to protest the then pending war on Iraq. The ambition of the film is to encourage, inspire and inform viewers to take their own lessons about peace, activism, community building and the role of art in a functioning democracy. This film is provided by Withoutabox.

Watch the trailer at Google Video.

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