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This summer in Edinburgh I saw Farm in the Cave’s Sclavi: The Song of an Emigrant at Aurora Nova. This Prague-based physical theater collective really blew audiences away. Want to join them? They’re seeking a professional male actor/dancer.

Here’s what they sent:

Multi awarded winner of Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006 International Theatre Studio FARM IN THE CAVE is searching for a professional male actor / dancer. to join multi award-winner of 2006 Edinburgh Fringe, Farm in the Cave(based in Prague)’s international tours challenging a new body language based on researches & long-term training. See our show Sclavi at Riverside Studios on 29-30 Nov and contact for an interview in London on 1-2 Dec on

A workshop in Prague 17-21 Dec will be followed for selected candidates. More info

Candidates will be invited for a selective workshop between 17th – 21st December 2006, Prague. Chosen participant will
be included in the working process from January 2007.

See company ´s website for more information about upcoming shows, as having seen some of them would be an advantage.

Additional Information

Before sending your CV, please make sure of the following:

-You are passionate to challenge a new physical language based on researches and long-term trainings with the international physical theatre studio members.
-You are strongly motivated to work in a physical theatre ensemble based in Prague for at least 3 years.
-You are flexible with your time and in good physical condition with expressive and spontaneous body language to cope with international tours through years.
-You are capable of basic communication in English.

Benefits for candidates

-Chosen delegates will be participating in the working process from January 2007.
-Candidates will be invited for a selective workshop in Prague from 17th to 21st December 2006. The company will provide accommodations and the workshop is free of charge for selected candidates.

2007 Expected Tour Schedule

January-May. Performances in Prague, Madrid, Rijeka
June – Vienna, Bratislava, Buchurest
July. Ireland
September-Mid October. Eastern Europe and Asian Tour
Mid October – November. UK Tour
January, February 2008 – Australia, Tanzania, New Zealand

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