The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I went to my first holiday party of the season last night at the home of Oliver Butler and Sydney Maresca. The brownstone apartment was filled to the brim with artists and people who looked like artists. chashama’s former grant writer was even there. It really was a lovely fete, and I spent most of my time happily chatting with the ever-so-personable Jason Craig and Jessica Jelliffe of Banana Bag and Bodice, as well as the illustrious members of The Debate Society…probably two of the friendliest theater companies aorund (not to mention purveyors of some of the more aesthetically driven and engaging theater out there).

Some pithy musings and observations from the soiree:

– Everywhere I turned there seemed to be a wedge of brie. Seriously, there were atleast 3 large wedges placed about the apartment as well as such delectable goodies as cucumber sandwhiches, spicy cheesey artichoke dip (courtesy of Hannah Bos) and beat salad a la Jelliffe.

– Theater people really like cats. If you don’t like cats and are in theater, you may need to consider an alternate vocation.

Everyone loves TV on the Radio. But someone who was at the party also loves the Bonzo Dog Band, and no one ever seems to know who they are. Kudos to whomever put them on the stereo.

– Jason and I like coffee shops that are directly across the street from one another. Jason likes and I like Cafe Pick Me Up.

– Paul Thureen never ceases to be the tallest guy in the room.

– Sydney wore a really great gold dress circa ’59/’60. Jessica and I were slightly in awe.

– I like how I feel more grown-up and generally warm and fuzzy on the inside when I’m in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and the like. Bushwick, on the other hand, makes me feel rowdy and fashionably annoyed.

– Mr. Tightpants and The Fancy-Pants Dancers: a show title from the minds of BB&B.

– The Debate Society, from whom I am waiting for answers to various questions I sent them for an interview I’d like to post on this blog, are having a reading at the Soho Think Tank’s 6th Floor Series on January 29th.

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