Mabou Mines Get Sundance Lab Spotlight

Avant-garde theater company Mabou Mines will be participating in the Sundance Lab at White Oak this month. The Lab, an extension of the Sundance Institute Theatre Program’s summer lab, is focused on ensemble-created work and innovative musical theatre.

According to Playbill:
Mabou Mines’ Song for New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting “is a celebration of and for the city of New York conceived and directed by Mabou Mines co-artistic director Ruth Maleczech.” Her collaborators include Julie Archer (visual artist), David Neumann (choreographer), Lisa Gutkin (composer), Robert Kaplowitz (sound designer), Paul Kandel (male chorus director), Irina Kruzhilina (costume designer), Christine Sciulli (light artist) and T. Kevin Fisher (technical director).

Poems about each of the five boroughs have been commissioned from five New York City writers (Migdalia Cruz, Maggie Dubris, Patricia Spears Jones, Kane Kandel and Imelda O’Reilly).

Between songs, a Greek chorus of men recites “the yarns” written by historian Nancy Groce. The male chorus is comprised of Robert Collier Sublett, Desean Terry, Robert Besserer, Jr., Jason Postell Pringle and Charles Hendricks.

Past shows that have been shepherded by Sundance include The Laramie Project, Yellowman, Grey Gardens, Spring Awakening and I Am My Own Wife.

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