Who’s Leading the Dance?

Sunday’s Times had a feature on three of the leading curators of the downtown dance scene: Debra Singer (the Kitchen), Vallejo Gantner (PS 122), and Carla Peterson (Dance Theatre Workshop).

The piece by Gia Kourlas raises some interesting points in regards to cultivating work. Will having artistic directors more versed in experimental theatre and visual arts be a boon or a hindrance to the process?

The article also touches on the question of whether the focus should be on bringing more international artists to New York or cultivating homegrown talent. Tellingly, a quote from Ms. Peterson encapsulates the uncertainty of the current situation:

“I am definitely in an eyes-wide-open place as opposed to knowing exactly what I’m going to do over the next few years,” she said. “Because I don’t. I will continue to stay open to work that I may not be familiar with.”

Read the article here.

New Lords of the (Downtown) Dance [NY Times]

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