New Theater Corps

When Martin Denton began, burgeoning theatre artists were ecstatic. There was finally a vehicle for shows that were ignored by the larger media outlets to get reviewed. Whether the notices were good or bad, artists got exposure, and as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Now, there’s a blog which aims to give as much exposure as possible to works both large and small: New Theater Corps.
An offshoot of the popular Theater Talk TV series, the blog has enlisted a cadre of dedicated reviewers to see and critique “some of the latest stage productions in the NY Tri-State area.”

With theatre being one of the last areas to have a heavy blog presence, it’s refreshing to have a new site making a foray into criticism and providing a place for shows to get much-needed exposure.
Often there are differing reviews of the same production, which also provides a nice point/counterpoint approach and gives producers a choice of pull quotes to promote their production.

Do check out the site. There’s always room at the table for refreshing insight and exposure for artists.

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