genesis, no and doublethink

Also wrapping up this weekend is Adrienne Truscott’s Genesis, No at P.S.122.

With delightful –and often hilarious – performances from Adrienne’s quirky collaborators (David Neumann, Neal Medlyn, Carmine Covelli and Natalie Agee) this show basically re-creates evolution and the history of humanity from primordial soup to hominid to Soho in just under an hour. It plays Saturday at 5PM and 8PM, Sunday at 5PM. So go check it out.

And coming soon to PS122 is another show you will not want to miss. London’s rotozaza brings their show doublethink to NYC and lemme tell ya, all the cool theatre kids are going to be there.

Every night there are two guest performers who know nothing about the show – or each other. They receive instructions from two “operators” that tell them what to do. It is an amazing experiment in control, improvisation, chaos, chance and theatricality. We’ve got a great line-up of guest stars, which I’m not going to publish here because we have to protect their innocence for the purposes of the show. But rest assured, each performance will be unique and compelling. You will want to be there. Performances start March 29th.

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