More Housekeeping

FYI, loyal readers, because of the way we did the upgrade most, if not all, links to the old site will be broken. All of the content from the old site is on the new site, but you’ll have to do a search for it. Luckily, the search should be pretty easy as the archives and categories are easier to navigate. Be patient – when you ain’t got cash, you gotta use ingenuity. And my little brain is being maxed out. But keep your eyes peeled for more neat stuff – RSS feeds, podcasts, maybe even video!

Oh and one more request/shout-out. Anybody who knows how to design sites in WordPress and would like to have their work seen by all our loyal culturbot readers, drop me a line at culturebotATgmailDOTcom. We’re using an off-the-shelf template now which is pretty good but we’d love to have something custom-designed. Thanks!

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