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just got this recommendation in from culturebot contributor Ryan Tracy:

This week at Danspace, Liz Sargent presents her new work, Revealing, May 17–20 (Thurs-Sun). Liz’s deeply personal work combines movement and interactive sets to create a meditation on personal boundaries, self expression and the risks we take in disclosing who we are. Employing an array of relational perspectives, Revealing touches on the vacillating sway of looking inward and outward that constructs our deepest sense of who we believe we are. Check it:

Set Installation, Costume Design and Direction: Liz Sargent

Performers: Djamila Moore, Marcia Johnson, Aynsley Vandenbroucke

Lighting Design: Kryssy Wright

Sound Design: Mike Rugnetta

Indoor Art Installation: Jayme del Rosario


P.S.: I’m sure this isn’t news to anybody at this point, but if you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Laurie Uprichard, the much-beloved doyenne of Danspace, will be leaving to helm the International Dance Festival of Ireland. In Dublin. Of this nearly unimaginable event, dance/nyc eloquently writes:

“It is unthinkable that the NYC dance community will be losing one of our best minds, the goddess of independent artists and companies, a staunch advocate for dance and one of our most provocative and adventurous presenters. To think of the artists and companies she brought to that blessed (if leaky) space is to be immersed in contemporary dance of the last 15 years.While Danspace Project will no doubt find another leader of conviction and taste, it can never be the same again. They say that change is good, and change is good – particularly for Laurie after 15 years at Danspace. We can only wish her a heartfelt “bon voyage” as she sets off on this new journey in her life. We will miss her deeply.”

We second that emotion.

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