quick to-do list

we’re too lazy to write it all out with links and stuff but here’s some stuff we’re doing:

Thursday:Ken Nordine at The Kitchen; Friday: Aoi! at Japan Society (early), Ann Magnuson at Joe’s Pub (late); Saturday: ??? (afternoon), Chase Granoff “Boredom” at Chocolate Factory (8PM), Popsicle’s Departure at PS122 (9:30PM, if possible); Sunday: Karinne Keithly reading at Soho Rep (7PM); MeowMeow/Ann Magnuson & Friends in Williamsburg (8PM and on…); Monday: Circus Amok Benefit (PS122), The Obies (Skirball); Tuesday: International Contemporary Ensemble (PS122); Wednesday: German Theater Abroad reading of new Schimmelpfennig play (CSV); Thursday: Debate Society’s “The Eaten Heart” (The Ontological); Friday: The Dress Up Show (Chocolate Factory) and then some book party…

And that’s about as far as we got. Plans subject to radical change at the last minute or before.

Also, last night we saw New Georges‘ production of  God’s Ear which was really great. Go see it.

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