Ask, Believe, Receive

Yeah, right. I haven’t read that book The Secret, I’m just a little too cynical to even imagine reading it. Still I’m superstitious enough (yes I read my Brezsny horoscope every week! Yes, i’m a Scorpio) to kind of sort of get into the idea of prosperity consciousness and this whole “ask, believe, recieve” thing. Plus its a fun game to play. So far it has been totally useless. I have recieved nothing. And god knows I’ll believe anything.

Anyway, when I’m not busy checking out downtown theater I will occasionally pass the time watching the television. I’ve gotten totally sucked into Brothers & Sisters. So if anybody can introduce me to Robbie Baitz or Greg Berlanti let me know. I would love to do lunch with those crazy kids and find out what’s going to happen next season!

The reason I mention this is that I will be in La-La Land for a week in June so if there are any Cbot readers who want to intodruce me to the Hollywood elite, or shower me with sex, drugs, drinks or exclusive hospitality on the Left Coast, now is the time to gimme a shout. That’d be andyATps122DOTorg.

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