the globesity festival

Penny Arcade has organized The Globesity Festival, which opened last night and runs through October 28. It is at the Theater for the New City and it is FREE  for everyone.  There are performances, panels and more. PLUS all the artists are, apparently, required to go on a juice fast for the festival! Should be interesting.

According to the website:

“GLOBESITY is the over consumption of all natural elements that create and sustain life on Earth – some of the most vital and visible being water, minerals, oil, and FOOD. Our approach to food and sustenance is destroying our personal and social health. Our Earth and our Bodies cannot sustain the beastly grind of consumption. This beast is Globesity. It has been named. Now is the hour of confrontation.

The GLOBESITY FESTIVAL is razor sharp performance, comedy, education, celebration and collaboration. With Theatre as our laboratory, we are cooking & cutting up ingredients for SOLUTIONS.

All participating artists will engage in a juice fast, during which they will conceive a theatrical performance in response to consumerism. Then, they will develop these conceptions to be premiered at the festival.”

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