the rage of the creative underclass

Vanessa Grigoriadis has written a thought-provoking article in New York magazine about Gawker.  As a veteran blogger who remembers the pre-Gawker blog world (and was once cool enough to get invited to Nick Denton’s parties – alas, no longer) it is interesting to see this take on Gawker five years down the road.

But my favorite part of the article isn’t about Gawker, its this gem of a quote from Choire Sicha:

“New York is a city for the rich by the rich, and all of us work at the mercy of rich people and their projects,” says Choire Sicha, Gawker’s top editor (he currently employs a staff of five full-time writers). “If you work at any publication in this town, you work for a millionaire or billionaire. In some ways, that’s functional, and it works as a feudal society. But what’s happened now, related to that, is that culture has dried up and blown away: The Weimar-resurgence baloney is hideous; the rock-band scene is completely unexciting; the young artists have a little more juice, but they’re just bleak intellectual kids; and I am really dissatisfied with young fiction writers.” Sicha, a handsome ex-gallerist who spends his downtime gardening on Fire Island, is generally warm and even-tempered, but on this last point, he looks truly disgusted. “Not a week goes by I don’t want to quit this job,” he says, “because staring at New York this way makes me sick.”

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