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I got this email and it took my awhile to figure it out, but it looks pretty interesting. Apparently there is an Italian live art group named Kinkaleri that is making a video/performance piece named WEST which consists of video shoots in many Western big cities, a sequence of single persons collapsing to the ground in front of the video-camera “as if they were dying”.

New York is the 12th and last city so far: WEST(Paris), WEST(Roma), WEST(Amsterdam), WEST(Athina), WEST(Wien), WEST(Berlin), WEST(Bruxelles), WEST(London), WEST(Beijing), WEST(Praha), WEST(Tokyo) and WEST(NewYork)

They’ll be in NYC from 24-27 November and are looking for people to die on camera for them.

The piece is supported by the Osservatorio per le arti contemporanee Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze in collaboration with The Italian Cultural Institute of New York and Xing – Bologna [Italy]

If you would like to participate, there is a list of shot locations after the jump. Please choose your favourite spot and BOOK your own “falling” by email at – use subject line: WNYC

For further details or more information and images check the website:

For looking at some video extracts:

Two video-cameras (X and Y) will be around NEW YORK on NOV. 24, 25, 26, 27. 2007
Here is the LIST OF THE APPOINTMENTS so far.

| | | s c h e d u l e | | |


SAT 24 Nov 2007
10:30 am – Battery Park: at the entry of Battery Park, corner Battery Pl. / Greenwich Street
02:30 pm – South Street Seaport: corner Fulton Market / South Street

SUN 25 Nov 2007
10:30 am – corner Canal Street / Broadway
02:30 pm – corner Houston Street / West Broadway

MON 26 Nov 2007
10:30 am – Metropolitan Museum: corner Museum Mile / E 81st street
02:30 pm – Harlem: 125th Street Station: exit on Malcom X Blvd

TUE 27 Nov 2007
10:30 am – Williamsburg: Marcy Ave Station, exit on Marcy Ave
02:30 pm – Coney Island: corner boardwalk W / E 12th street


SAT 24 Nov 2007
10:30 am – corner St Marks Place / 2nd ave
02:30 pm – Union Square, corner E 14th street / Union Square W

SUN 25 Nov 2007
10:30 am – corner Greenwich Ave. / 8th Ave
02:30 pm – Washington Square Park – in front of the Arch

MON 26 Nov 2007
10:30 am – Empire State Building: in front of central entry
02:30 pm – Rockfeller Center: corner 5th ave / E 49th street

TUE 27 Nov 2007
10:30 am – Columbus Circle c/Central Park West
02:30 pm – Dakota Building Entrance: corner W 72nd street / Central Park West

| | | i m p o r t a n t | | |

WEST (2003-2007) developed in geographic stages, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Beijing, Bruxelles, London, New York, Prague, Rome, Tokyo and Wien edited in sequences of video clips, structured in fields, with fixed frame, direct gazing into the camera, the collapse and disappearance of the people stopped on a random basis in Western cities, filmed a few seconds in front of the unstoppable flow of life.

Short Bios:

Kinkaleri is a live art group based in Italy. It was founded in 1995 as a “grouping of formats and means balancing in the attempt”. From the outset Kinkaleri has worked in a number of different directions and areas: plays, performance pieces, installations, video, sound, publications and workshops. The group’s work have found homes in numerous environments in Italy and abroad.

The Observatory for Contemporary Arts is initiated in 2007 by Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and it conveys the Ente’s interest in contemporary culture. The primary intention of the Observatory is to give voice to a variety of local subjects operating with a multi-disciplinary approach within the field of contemporary art and culture. It supports and works in collaboration with associations and organisations expressing artistic and cultural values, which are relevant for the city of Florence. The Observatory also intends to be an active and autonomous partner in and promoter of productions and projects that represent contemporary reality.

Italian Cultural Institute of New York. The purpose of the Istituto is to strengthen the cultural links between Italy and the USA by promoting academic exchanges, organizing visual arts exhibitions, sponsoring the translation of Italian books, promoting Italian studies and supporting various events dealing with Italian music, dance, cinema, theater, architecture, literature, cuisine, etc.

Xing is a cultural network based in Bologna and Milan with the purpose of planning, supporting and promoting products and events characterized by an interdisciplinary approach toward the issues of contemporary culture.

raggruppamento di formati e mezzi in bilico nel tentativo
Via S. Chiara 38/2 – 59100 Prato – Italia
Tel./Fax: +39 (0)574.448212 – <>
PressOff: +39 335.6939100

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