right wing theatre?

Just got sent a link to an article in The Observer that asks this question:

Where are the right-wing voices who will take the establishment on? For decades, British theatre has been dominated by playwrights sympathetic to a liberal consensus. The culture of the left has been represented by strident plays and angry playwrights – but where are the voices of the right, and why can’t the stage accommodate both?

The article goes on to explore the idea in detail. Read the rest inĀ  The Observer. Every so often someone raises this question trying to make a tempest in a teapot. It seems provocative but its not really. If someone wrote a good play that was from a conservative perspective it would get produced. The implication is that there is some sort of liberal conspiracy to silence conservative voices, which is absurd. Pretending as if they are under attack to create hysteria is a classic move of The Right, like Bill O’Reilly making up the “Secular War on Christmas.”

But the important part of this question is not about the liberal consensus, it is “where are the voices of the right”? Apparently no one on the right is interested in making theater. And I’m not sure that that is a problem.

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