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I got this email from Laura Colby about the ArtistAccess Healthcare program:

I am delighted to invite you to a session on Wed, Dec 5, 2008 from 6:30-8:00pm about the ArtistAccess health care program hosted by the Brooklyn Arts Council at the Woodhull Medical Center in North Brooklyn.  Attend this session to learn all about this incredible program – participating artists will be part of the panel of speakers along with staff from Woodhull.

The groundbreaking ArtistAccess program was launched in May, 2005 and was specifically designed to provide health care to NYC-based artists and arts workers.  The brainchild of Dr. Edward Fishkin, Medical Director of Woodhull, the program was developed with a task force comprised of Woodhull administrators, artists, and arts service organizations – an industry first.

The ArtistAccess program utilizes the “HHC Options” program – a program existing in all of NYC’s eleven public hospitals that provides medical coverage on a fee-scaled, income-based formula for those earning less than approximately $37,000 per year.   (For more on the HHC Options program, available to all NYC residents, visit:

The ArtistAccess program relies on the same fee-scaled, income based formula established by the HHC Options program.  You do not have to “prove” you are an artist or arts worker.  And, if you don’t have pay stubs, self-declaration of income is accepted.  Based on your income, your per-visit fee will be scaled between $15-60.  You will have access to ALL medical services provided by the hospital – including obgyn, dental, physical therapy, psychological services, prescription drugs, tests, etc.  If you prefer, you can provide artist services at the hospital in exchange for medical services instead of paying your income-based fee.

As a member of NYC’s arts community, you can enroll in the ArtistAccess program at Woodhull by calling (877)244-5600. 

For more information on the HHC Options and Artist Access programs:

For more information on the Wed, Dec 5 program:

THIS IS IT! THE TIME HAS COME!  Now is your opportunity to get consistent, preventive, and truly affordable medical care.  Get the care you deserve – either via Woodhull’s ArtistAccess initiative, or any of NYC’s public hospitals!

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