Culturebot HIGHLY recommends this workshop! Mike is incredibly knowledgeable, creative, capable and cool. Any artist looking to get some practical hands-on tech training would be well-advised to take her workshop. Info below.

diy splat

Hands-On DIY WORKSHOP on making LIVE INTERACTIVE WORKfor Artists and Producers who want to use AV and production techniques in their shows, but haven’t had the $ or time to figure out how to do it in a reasonable cost-effective way.

In this workshop we will make a short interactive piece, perform it to see how it runs, and then take it apart to see how it works.

This is not a Lecture Demonstration. This is a PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE

using VIDEO, AUDIO, and LIGHTING to create a show or installation.


The Workshop will Focus on AV and will include:

VIDEO: live camera, cheap titles, connections, software + hardware;

AUDIO: off-the-cuff recording, live sound, pulling samples; LIGHTING:

basic focus, specials + practicals; PLANNING + ORGANIZING: mapping out

the show, rehearsing with tech, site-specific concerns; RIGGING: knots

+ materials for screens + lightweight cameras, safety issues

a LOT will be covered.

COST: $50 registration (so you can still take that ski vacation)

DATE: SUN Feb 24 2008, 12 noon to 4:15 pm at a space near LES, Manhattan

RAISON D’ETRE: get the design + interactive elements in place with

enough basic knowledge to allow you to spend the time and energy on the

show itself.

To Register, go to http://www.mixedmsg.com/DIY

For more information contact mike@mixedmsg.com

Mike Taylor has made interactive media and digital work with all kinds

of people despite serious analog roots and a tendency toward maximum

entropy. Some recent associations are Ralph Lemon (AV for touring

multimedia installation (The Efflorescence of) Walter – currently at

CAC museum in New Orleans,) and Meredith Monk (video design for

impermanence, most recently at BAM in NY.) Her own shows have been seen

in NY at The Kitchen, PS122, TONIC, The Ontological Downstairs, DTW’s

raw space, and Dixon Place.

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