Dublin Calling

Culturebot just got this call for entries from the Dublin Fringe Festival. We’ve never been able to go, but we’ve met tons o’ people who work(ed) there and they’re a fantastic bunch. It is a great opportunity to show your work and meet other artists and just generally have a great time. Here’s the info:

Calling all: Artists, Anarchists, Poets, Punks, Romantics, Activists, Philosophers, Fashionistas, Visionaries, Anoraks, Idealists, Zealots, Creatives, Ninjas, Geniuses, Clowns.

Got something to say?

We invite you to: Push the boat out, Shake things up, Reach for the stars, Shout from the rafters, Make a name for yourself, Make your ma proud, Inspire a generation, Burn up the stage, Thrill your audience… And Stick It To The Man, man.

Dublin Fringe Festival is now accepting submissions for the 2008 Festival, running from the 6th to the 21st September.

Deadline for all applications is Thursday 20th March.

See www.fringefest.com for more information.

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