hotINK Festival

Just got an e-mail about the hotINK festival which looks really good. Heres’ what the website says:

“Now in its seventh year, hotINK is an annual, international festival of play readings that brings together playwrights from around the world with distinguished actors and directors from the New York theatre, as well as students, alumni and faculty from the Tisch School of the Arts. The readings are curated by representatives of each of the TSOA Drama Department studios and studio affiliates, and in this way, students have the opportunity to work with participating guests artists-and those artists become part of the extended Tisch School of the Arts community. ”

Complete line-up after the jump. For more info visit

Saturday, January 26th
4:00pm The Elephant Song

By Nicholas Billon

Directed by Terry Knickerbocker


By Allan Graubard and Caroline McGee

Directed by Caroline McGee

Icarus of Ohio

By Rob Ackerman

Directed by Fritz Ertl

7:30pm Into the Numbers

By Christopher Chen

Directed by Linsay Firman

Song of Extinction

By E.M. Lewis

Directed by Laura Savia

White Baby

By Sofia Fredén, translation by Edward Buffalo Bromberg

Directed by Edward Buffalo Bromberg

Sunday, January 27th
4:00pm We Were Sitting on the Shores of the World…

By José Pliya, translation by Philippa Wehle

Directed by Robert Lyons

Noble Savage, Savage Noble

By Bob Armstrong

Directed by Dusty McKeelan

7:30pm The Tragedie of Bour IV

By Joshua William Gelb

Directed by Tomi Tsunoda

Rich Women

By Eduardo Machado

Directed by Billy Hopkins

Here I Am

By Nikolai Khalezin, translation by Yuriy Kaliada and Oleg Shafranov, final translation editing by Jenny Lee

Directed by Eve Hartmann

Monday, January 28th
7:30pm Maria/Stuart

By Jason Grote

Directed by Brooke O’Harra

The Sister of Zarathustra

By José Pliya, translation by Judith Miller

Directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde

My Dog Trash Can

By Pietz Peterson

Directed by Anthony J. Cox

Saturday, February 2nd
4:00pm Amelia Breathes Deeply

By Alina Nelega

Directed by Tea Alagic

Best Possible World

By Tee O’Neill

Directed by Kerry Whigham


By Kenny Emson

Directed by Fritz Ertl

7:30pm The Vigil or The Guided Cradle

By Crystal Skillman

Directed by Gerritt Turner


By Bernard Da Costa, translation by Kathleen Huber

Directed by Michael Sexton

The Laying on of Hands

By Bill Cain

Directed by Josh Hecht

Sunday, February 3rd
4:00pm 1965 UU

By Mac Wellman

Directed by Steve Mellor

The Architecture of Fear and Danger

By Josh Malmuth

Directed by Laura Savia

7:30pm Scorched

By Wajdi Mouawad, translation by Linda Gaboriau

Directed by Isis Saratial Misdary

Dov and Ali

By Anna Ziegler

Directed by Josh Hecht

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