regional cultural production and distribution

First off – sorry to have been AWOL. I just started a new job and am trying to get this new theater off the ground as well as working on three different creative projects and one or two freelance gigs. Time seems to just slip away.

SO – I’m definitely late to the debate about regional theater. I’ll leave the big fighting to Daisey and Jacobs and whoever else is erudite and opinionated enough to weigh in heavily.

HOWEVER – I do think that, collectively, it is time that the indie theater world started to re-visit the work of the regional alternative theater movement and look at working together more productively. Realistically, the cost of theatrical research, development and production in NYC can really stifle innovation. We need to figure out how to support independent touring networks and exchanges within the States, how to support innovative regional indie theater and how to infiltrate Europe and the rest of the world.

The Institutional Structure for the funding and creation of both mainstream and experimental performance has really had a huge negative impact on the state of theater.

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