the war

last night we were supposed to go see the adding machine but at the last minute we were invited to the Speak Up benefit at St. Ann’s Warehouse. It was a pretty good show. Not amazing, but pretty good. Your basic benefit/protest fare with the downtown rock crowd: Lou, Laurie, David Byrne, Antony, Moby, Scissor Sisters and David Gray, I mean Glen Hansard, I mean Damien Rice … and lots more. Some good speeches, some long rambling ones. But mostly the show moved along at a brisk clip and was enjoyable.

But, yeah. The war. I was thinking about this the other day. So far there have been 3990 American Military Casualties in Iraq. That’s pretty bad. But there have also been at least 82,249 Iraqis killed. Can you imagine? That’s a LOT of people. I think we’d be pretty pissed if someone came to the United States and killed that many people.

Just a thought.

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