sorry. really. sorry. i’ve been submerged and i’m not sure where or how. adjusting, I guess, to my new schedule. trying to balance things, etc. etc.  I took up Ars Nova on the free ticket offer to Boom and maybe that was what did it, made me need to take a break from seeing theater for awhile. the straw that broke the camel’s back, as it were.

earlier in the week i went to the closing night of the Off The Wall exhibit at the Jewish Museum which was pretty cool and woefully under-promoted. there was some really interesting work.

um. anyway the rest of the week is a blur, though i was busy. and now its nearly 3AM and I’m up. I just read Hari Kunzru’s Raj, Bohemian in last week’s New Yorker and loved it. I was actually kind of bored reading it at first, but then it makes this cool left-turn in the story and becomes kind of dark and hilarious.  Read the story online here.

I need to sell my tv.

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