Die falsche Freunde

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Furthering the movement of young artists and their work on this globe and multiplying the opportunities of encounters and exchanges with global citizens, are the main ambition of this collective and it gives to it a fundamentally intenational dimension.

Die falsche Freunde is a fresh & active collective for a promising generation of young artists throughout the world, who work with dedication and authenticity within the contemporary environment.


APR 31 th – JUN 31 th 2008

We are perpetually seeking for young practicing artists that can demonstrate a critical engagement with contemporary practice. Please send us your portfolio at diefalschefreunde@gmail.com.

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We on advise you to send in 1 PDF file not larger than 1,5 MB file size and require a portfolio to contain a statement, CV information and clear documentation of at least 5 works produced after 2006. Artist working in time-based media are invited to include links of their work leading to an online server. Website links, seperate Jpegs & other forms of submissions are not considered.


Our summer 2008 curatorial panel is formed out of one curator and three visual artists:

Maaike Gouwenberg – Netherlands based curator :


Rinus Van de Velde – Belgium based artist


Joris Lindhout – Netherlands based artists


Filip Gilissen – Belgium based artist


Applicants are selected upon the following criteria:

– the quality of the candidate’s career;

– cohesion between the projects of the artist and of the structure;

– the innovative nature of the artistic process.


Developed from April 2008 Die Falsche Freunde comes in the three areas of activity:

1. encounter, exchange, produce within diversity of experiences

2. share, communicate, disseminate

3. cross experiences, co-produce, perpetuate

Participants will be united as ‘Group Officers’ on our wall and are invited to promote their events. Participants are powered to participate in future collaborative projects and are invited to seat the comming fall 2008 curatorial panel.

Good Luck

Die falsche Freunde

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