Fusebox 08

Its like, everyone is going to Austin but me! Goldangit!!! I wish I wasn’t totally broke.

(Oh and the IRS totally punched me in the face this year. I’m so glad I’m paying my fair share of taxes to support a completely unjust war, bail out Bear Sterns and prop up the waning days of the most deceitful, mean-spirited, mendacious, corrupt and malevolent administration that has ever befouled our fair nation)

Um. Sorry…. I got carried away there. But if I had some money (and some time) I’d be truckin’ on down to Texas to check out Fusebox 08, Austin’s awesome performance festival. Lots of cool NYC folks are headed down there like Witness Relocation, The Debate Society, Neal Medlyn, Reggie Watts and, um, lots more. Oh and Rotozaza. Dude. I wanna drink beer and eat BBQ and rock out in Austin!!! Oh well. Maybe next year.

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