Under a New York Moon

This just in from my friend Talia:

What is the function of public space in the 21st century? In what ways have our understanding and use of public space evolved over the past two or three millennia? In what ways have they remained constant?

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the release of the May / June neighborhood-themed issue of The New York Moon Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 3.00 pm in Union Square by participating in a collective effort to imagine what Union Square might be like as an ancient Greek agora.

1. We begin our collective imagining very simply: by convincing as many people as possible to participate in a toga walk–that is, to put on togas (a white sheet will do) and walk through the stalls of the market in Union Square.

2. Following the toga walk we will be conducting two other performances that concern themselves with the way we make use of our public space in the 21st century and encourage audience participation.

3. Finally, in the spirit of the agora as a place built on the principles of public discourse and the exchange of ideas, we invite anybody who is interested to contribute to the discussion of public urban spaces in absolutely anyway that inspires them–be it a reading, a performance, an installation, etc.

PLEASE forward this email to anybody in NY who you think might want to join us

How to Participate

1. Togas togas togas! We need as many people in togas as possible. Come out in a toga! Get your friends to come out in togas. In addition, we need lots of extra togas (sheets) to hand out to passers-by. We are hoping to collect dozens of extra togas that will be distributed and recollected at each end of the market. Bring your old linens or let us know of a place that is giving away old linens that we could collect before the 17th.

We will also need several volunteers to help in the distribution and collection of togas.

2. Performances. In addition to a toga-clad audience, we are looking for a dozen or so volunteers / actors to participate in the performances.

3. Come in a toga – do your own thing. Exploit an interested, toga-clad audience.

4. Visit our wiki and contribute to the discussion: http://TheAgoraInUnionSquare.wetpaint.com

If you are interested in participating please contact Aaron Finbloomaaron (dot) finbloom (at) gmail (dot) com

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