My Barbarian is a Los Angeles-based performance collective founded in 2000 by Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon and Alexandro Segade.  The trio creates and performs in site-specific plays, musical concerts, theatrical situations, and video installations that explore contemporary political challenges by playing out allegorical narratives drawn from history and mythology.

One week of rehearsal in the New Museum theater space will be used to develop a performance entitled “Post-Paradise, Sorry Again,” adapted from the Living Theater’s “Paradise Now” (1968) and the antiteater’s “Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now” (1969).  My Barbarian’s “Post-Paradise, Sorry Again” addresses the staging of liberation, to be performed by the students from the class for a public audience in recitals on July 3 and July 5, 2008.

My Barbarian seeks professional and part-time artists to participate in the workshop and recital.  You will bring your expertise in your field and leave with experience of having helped to define the philosophy of PoLAAT as we create a work of art together.  The history of experimental theater movements will be considered in-depth.

TO APPLY: Please send a letter of introduction to  Include your name, age, photo, contact information, a brief description of any relevant performance and/or art-related experience you have, and your thoughts on the role of politics in art.  Also, in a separate paragraph, please respond: Name your favorite dead artist (in any medium).  If they were here now, what kind of art would they be making?

ESTIMATED TIME COMMITMENT:  7-8 afternoon workshops falling between June 25 and July 5 (appx. 3 hours each) and 2 hour-long performances on July 3 and July 5. Please include any conflicts you may have during that time.

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