Meet Beatrice

I’d like to introduce everybody to a new Culturebot Contributor. Its been a while since we’ve had a fresh voice around here and I’m delighted to welcome Beatrice Barbareschi to the team. We met randomly at the Nellie McKay show at the Rubin Museum and had a great conversation about art, performance, museums, etc. etc. She graciously offered to write for Culturebot and here we are. So everyone give a warm welcome to Beatrice!

Beatrice Barbareschi was born and raised in Italy. She moved to California in 2002 to pursue a BA in Feminist Studies with a focus on Gender and Performance at Stanford University. Currently, she’s working on a thesis on puppetry and the avant-garde in order to complete an MA at the Gallatin School (NYU). Beatrice writes about contemporary art in New York at

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