I can’t believe that people can still get traction – and published!! – writing about how their blogs messed up their personal lives. That is SO 2003!!! total disclsure – I havent’ even finished reading the article. I’m too busy working! But I’ll read it later. Like over the weekend.)

And I actually wrote at some length about what I perceived as the other side of the equation, the role of public witness to private life in the construction of identity.

But whatevs. Good for Emily. I remember when she was just a newbie performing at the WYSIWYG Talent Show rockin’ the totally hot naughty librarian look. Now she’s got tats and ‘tude.

Okay, no, seriously, I want my book deal for my hilarious collection of downtown anecdotes, City of Douchebags.

Oh and also – the movie of my 2005 Mayoral Campaign is coming out soon! Stay Tuned!

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