Promise of New York

Promise of New York

I think I mentioned this before, but if not, my friend Raul’s documentary on the 2005 NYC Mayoral Campaign is done and starting to play at festivals and stuff. I’m in it, because I ran for mayor that year. It also covers Christopher X Brodeur and Seth Blum and a little bit of Chris Riggs. Actually, its mostly about Christopher and Seth and then me and then Riggs. And of course Bloomberg.

It is called The Promise of New York and it’ll be in Hoboken onTuesday and Rutgers on Friday.

We had a private screening at IRT on Sunday night and everyone loved it. Including Nellie McKay! Apparently I guess she’s friends with Jessy Delfino (singer/songwriter/comedian who is Christopher’s ex-girlfriend and plays prominently in the movie) and came to check out the movie. I didn’t even recognize her. She was really nice. Its just weird because I had never really even heard her stuff ’til I went and saw her at The Rubin Museum a few weeks ago…

Anyway – the movie is cool and interesting and relevant. It features cameos from all kinds of downtown folks like The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Bob Powers and Jon Friedman, Mayor Ed Koch (okay, he’s not a downtown guy) and, of course, the City of New York.

So if you’re kickin’ it NJ-style, go see the movie. If not hopefully we’ll be having lots more screenings soon!

PS: speaking of politics – go see Mike Daisey’s show How Theater Failed America at the Barrow Street Theater. I finally got to see it on Friday night and wanted to stand up and cheer. Anyone who is making theater in New York – or anywhere in America, really – should see this show. It raises some really good questions and offers some really intelligent insights. Kudos to Daisey!

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