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I can’t quite tell what this is about. It sounds interesting but I can’t tell if this is a call for proposals or just an announcement. If its a call for proposals it could be a great opportunity.



Watermill Continues to Forge Relationships with International Institutions to Invite Artists for Residencies at Singular Southampton Facility

Residencies Will Be Chosen by Watermill¹s New Selection Committee

The Watermill Center is pleased to announce new alliances with both The Catalan Center at NYU and the Taipei Cultural Center for fellowships that will bring artists from the Catalan cultural region and the Republic of China (Taiwan), respectively, to participate in Watermill¹s prestigious residency programs.

The first recipients of the new fellowships will live and work at Watermill this summer: The Catalan architects Beatriz Mínguez and Francesco Ducato and Taipei¹s experimental theater company, Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group. Mínguez and Ducato will collaborate with Watermill founder Robert Wilson on

several projects, including a large art installation at the IVAM, Valencia¹s contemporary art museum. Shakespeare¹s Wild Sisters Group will be working on a new play.

The new fellowships will be available on an ongoing basis. Residents will be chosen by Watermill¹s new selection committee, which consists of eminent individuals from a diversity of fields and is convening for the first time this summer.

The committee¹s selections will be based on artistic quality, originality and collaborative/interdisciplinary nature. As part of the experience, the artists-in-residence will lead at least one lecture, master class, workshop, open rehearsal or other public event for local community members to provide insight into the creative process.

In forging these institutional partnerships and establishing these

fellowship programs, the Watermill Center continues to fulfill the mission

of its founder, the theater and visual artist Robert Wilson: to provide a

unique environment for young and emerging artists to explore theater, and,

in so doing, to develop a strong global network transcending age,

experience, social, religious and cultural backgrounds. Since Watermill¹s

new facilities were inaugurated in July 2006, its residency programs have

hosted artists from all over the world.

About The Catalan Center at New York University

The Catalan Center at New York University, an affiliate of the Institut

Ramon Llull, represents and promotes Catalan culture in the New York

metropolitan area by establishing bridges between artists and cultural

institutions from the Catalan cultural region‹Catalonia, Valencia, the

Balearic Islands, Andorra, the south of France and a portion of Corsica‹and

their New York counterparts. The Catalan Center has collaborated with a

number of major New York institutions toward the fulfillment of its mission:

the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, The Center for

Architecture, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and The International Center of

Photography, to name a few.

The Catalan Center also supports academic programming at New York University

under the umbrella of the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (and

in collaboration with the Institute of Fine Arts, the King Juan Carlos I of

Spain Center, the Creative Writing Program, the Departments of History,

Spanish & Portuguese, etc.).

About the Taipei Cultural Center

The Taipei Cultural Center, part of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

in New York, is responsible for planning, promoting, and implementing a

variety of arts activities, as well as supervising the operation of Taipei

Gallery and Taipei Theater.

The Taipei Cultural Center cooperates with important arts organizations in

New York and North America to bring artists from the Republic of China

(Taiwan) to New York and North America to perform and exhibit work, conduct

artist residencies, and participate in arts festivals. The Center thereby

seeks to increase international visibility of Republic of China (Taiwan)¹s

culture and arts.

The Taipei Cultural Center has collaborated with Watermill before, last

summer (2007), when U-Theatre and the famous Chinese Opera diva, Wei

Hai-ming, participated in Watermill¹s International Summer Arts Program.

About the Watermill Center

Robert Wilson established Watermill in 1992 as a unique environment for

young and emerging artists to explore theater. Watermill aims to be a

central force in the shaping of what theater means today and what it can

become tomorrow. To achieve this aim, the Watermill community draws

inspiration from all the arts as well as from social, human and natural


Living and working together lies at the heart of the Watermill experience.

Watermill supports projects that reflect the approach of its founder Robert

Wilson: mixing and integrating different genres and art forms, breaking with

traditional forms of representation, developing democratic and

cross-cultural approaches.

Watermill houses the archives of its founder and his extensive art

collection for research, study and inspiration. The whole of human

experience and traditions in all their diversity is the springboard for the

avant-garde of the future.

Watermill offers a wide range of programs and activities throughout the

year. For the well-known International Summer Program, Robert Wilson invites

about 80 artists, young as well as established, for workshops developing his

work. From September to June, Watermill provides space and time for 12 to 15

artists¹ residencies selected by a high-profile committee of practitioners

in the arts and humanities. The residencies are complemented by educational

programs with schools and other institutions, public events such as open

rehearsals and lectures, tours of the building and grounds, and seminars and


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