Have You No Shame?

Former Culturebot contributor Rachel Shukert reading from her debut short story collection Have You No Shame?

At the Frequency Reading Series at

The Four Faced Liar!

165 W 4th St. NYC

Sunday, June 8 at 3:00pm (A good excuse to start drinking early!!!)

I just finished reading Rachel’s book and I have to say it is absolutely, completely, totally fantastic!! And I’m not biased just because Rachel’s a friend. This is a really wonderful, hilarious, touching book. I don’t want to give anything away but her tales of a misfit Jewish girl from Omaha trying to make it in New York are rib-tickling and heart-breaking. She is one of the only people who can make anorexia, anti-semitism, anomie and a host of other issues both amusing and touching all at the same time.

Go out and buy a copy. Buy FOUR and give them to friends.

And go to this reading and get drunk in the afternoon. You deserve it.

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