flounder’s mashups

So I went down to DC over the weekend to go see a show that was so entirely misconceived and just plain wrong that I won’t even mention it. But lemme tell ya, I’d love to get those 2.5 hours of my life back.

On my way back to Baltimore, however, I was traversing the radio dial and I stumbled on Flounder’s Mashups on the local rock station DC101. It was awesome! This guy did great mash-ups, really mixing eras, styles, beats, artists and ideas into a hardcore, pounding, danceable rocktastic groove. He even made Miley Cyrus interesting. I don’t know how much is available online but lemme tell ya, cruisin’ up I-95 from D.C. to Baltimore, rockin’ out to Flounder’s Mashups, totally erased the bad taste in my mouth, bringing me back to the carefree days of my misspent youth.

Only now I don’t smoke.

Happy Father’s Day!

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